How Much Condensate will a 5 gallon tank hold


There isn’t an average output since the condensation is determined by many different factors such as the relative humidity and temperature.  Our SCT Series Portable Spot Cooling Systems come with an internal 5 gallon condensate tank that turns the machine off once it is full.

On a cloudy day with 92% humidity outside, the internal 5 gallon tank would fill within 24 hours.  That is,  if the unit was set up in the parking lot.  Most commercial building air systems dry the air to an average 20% relative humidity.  This allows the SCT Series 5 gallon tank to fill in 3 to 5 days.  Keep in mind most buildings turn the central air off at night and weekends.  Dryer the air, longer it takes to fill up.  Our units in Phoenix, AZ rarely condensate

We verified this with a customer  who is located by the Bush Airport in Houston, Texas.  He gets three days between the time to empty tank over the past month.

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