Cooling Strategies for IT Wiring Closets and Server Rooms, Part 2


Let’s understand that our problem to solve is heat removal, rather than supplying cold air.  If heat is not removed, the heat in that space that houses IT equipment will accumulate and raise the temperature.  Remember that every kilowatt of heat used by your IT equipment creates a kilowatt of heat power that must be removed.  And to remove it we need to allow for, or create a channel to move it to a colder place.

Heat can either flow through the walls or ceiling of the space.  It can flow to cooler air via a grille or a vent that could have a fan to assist the movement of the airflow.  Heat can also be removed by your building’s air cooling system or removed by a dedicated air conditioner.

Portable spot coolers from Spot Cooling Systems are an excellent, economical choice for cooling your IT wiring closet or server room.   They are available in many different sizes to meet the demands of your equipment and space.

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