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Portable Air Conditioning

If you’re working from home in the Texas heat and humidity, it’s more likely than not, you’re relying on air conditioning to keep the house comfortable. It’s too hard to think and stay focused if the heat rises past your comfort zone. Additionally, distractions can rule you when you don’t set up your home office as a place for uninterrupted work time. For example, your spouse asks a “quick question” that turns into several hours of missed time. Or you find a task that’s not urgent but suddenly needs to be done now. Procrastination, discomfort, and distraction are the problems that can keep you from solving problems and getting things done. Spot Cooling Inc. is a local Texas company offering that perfect emergency portable air conditioner in Dallas & Houston. See how our tips can help you be ready to face the workday with greater productivity than ever before.

  • Talk to your family. If you are dealing with interruptions from your spouse or children during the work day, make sure they understand the importance of the work you do. Set an expectation for them to only interrupt in an emergency. One very helpful tip, if your spouse wants to ask you something and is worried he or she will forget, have them send it to you in an email to your personal account. That way, you are sure to get the message but you’re in control of when you are ready to read it.
  • Check email once a day. It’s easy to spend hours mired in emails or jump in and out of a high concentration task only to lose many minutes getting back to it when you stop every so often to check messages. Checking after lunch time is one of the best times, but it may vary for your business needs. If it’s impossible to go down to a single time, reduce the number of times you look each day.
  • Work in a comfortable environment. Don’t skimp on an office chair that hurts your back. Buy one that makes you feel great. Have an emergency portable air conditioner in Dallas & Houston from Spot Cooling Inc. available to use when the central cooling in your home isn’t quite getting the office the level of comfort you need.
Portable Air Conditioning

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  • Do a 10 minute tidying session at the end of each workday. End the workday with a 10 minute sweep of the desk. Doing this short organization task where you get rid of papers you no longer need and remove dirty dishes from the desk will help you begin each day fresh without the distractions of clutter and messes.

When you know things are getting too hot in your home office and something must be done, it’s time to start thinking about the advantages of an emergency portable air conditioner in Dallas & Houston from Spot Cooling Inc. Let us find the right one for you by calling 866-990-5700 today.

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