Great Article talks about server rack cooling | AmeriCool WMC-2500 Modular Cooling Unit


The article referenced with the link below talks about how each client has different needs depending on their particular situation. One of the situations is of course server rack cooling. As many different companies have tossed their server rack cooler into the market and out, AmeriCool is taking the step with the addition of the WMC-2500 Modular Cooling Unit.

Article from Dan Hounsell, Editor – February 2013.

The WMC-2500 is brand new in the line up for 2013. It is a versatile unit that can take on several configurations to meet different needs. It can be equipped with wheels and use just like a portable unit. You can hang it from the ceiling with the Hanging kit. You can stack several unit together for added cooling power. And finally you can mount the unit directly into a server rack and direct the cool air right where it needs to be, on the server.

AmeriCool WMC-2500 Server Rack Installation

For more information about the AmeriCool WMC-2500 or any of the AmeriCool 2013 products Call your cooling specialists at Spot Cooling Systems, Inc. 800-683-7768

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