How We Can Supply You With Air Conditioning During An Emergency?


emergency portable AC rentals here in San Antonio or Austin

Are you suffering from one of our typically hot Texas days, and need emergency portable AC rentals here in San Antonio or Austin Luckily you’ve found a company that has a wide selection of units available for you to rent, or to buy and keep on a permanent basis. We’ve worked on a wide range of projects for clients whose buildings are used for schools, government, fortune 500 companies, and various military agencies too. A few of the great companies located here in Texas that we’ve served include AT&T, Texas Instruments, and Cisco Systems among others. However that’s enough about us! You’re here probably because you and your staff, friends, or family is tired of being drenched in sweat. Well let us tell you a little about the work we’ve done before for these great companies to convince you to try us out.

How A Portable AC Unit Works?

The very first thing you should understand is how the BTUs of a unit affect the air conditioning unit’s efficiency. Depending on the space you’re all occupying; you’ll need a unit that will be strong enough to cover all the space necessary. Next you’ll need to consider where you’re going to place the unit, and what its main use is going to be. Many of our units are used in data centers to cool pieces of equipment where there’s no outlet to duct the air to. Other units are needed for special events held outdoors where the Texas heat can be especially difficult. As we mentioned before we’ve worked with units of all kinds, and once we understand what you we need can recommend exactly what’s best!

emergency portable AC rentals here in San Antonio or Austin

Did The AC Go Out In Your Building?

This is the most common reason we’re called for emergency portable AC rentals in San Antonio and Austin. We understand the work must move along and that the failure of your air conditioning system isn’t a good enough excuse pausing this work. Our units have the ability to cool spaces by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and several work great as an emergency backup unit too. While the HVAC techs are working to fix what’s wrong with your current system, we can come in quickly and put several units out to keep your staff comfortable enough to work as efficiently as possible.

For An Outdoor Party Or To Put On Your Patio Space

Another great use of our emergency portable AC rentals in San Antonio and Austin is to provide a comfortable enough temperature for everyone at your event to socialize comfortably. We have units that can mist cool air, provide dehumidification, or circulate air whether it’s outdoors, in a garage, or in a big dance hall! For many, many years we at Spot Cooling have been dedicated to providing the best ac rentals possible, and we hope you’ll call us 866-990-5700. We’re ready to provide a solution right away!

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