Why is a Portable Air Conditioner called a Spot Cooler ??


As the term Spot Cooler implies, the portable air conditioner can only effectively cool one spot or area. Portable spot coolers are not meant to replace central air conditioning. The spot cooler is meant to supplement, or in emergency situations take the place of central air that has been shut off due to maintenance, theft of critical components or break down. The spot cooler can be placed in the right position to cool the person or equipment as needed for these situations. At times, computer rooms (server rooms) and other areas need supplemental cooling. This is a perfect fit for the spot cooler. The spot cooler is brought in to help the existing central air system without the cost of a major equipment upgrade.

Is the portable air conditioner the only equipment that could be called a spot cooler? No because other types of spot coolers are available. The evaporative cooler that is manufactured by Port-A-Cool® is the best example of a spot cooler that is not a portable air conditioner. These evaporative coolers will effectively cool many areas that a portable air conditioner can not cool due to the size of the area. The evaporative cooler can lower the temperature of the air 10 to 25 degrees. The cost to run the Port-A-Cool® spot cooler is also much less than that of portable air conditioners. A typical Port-A-Cool® spot cooler can be run for less than $1 per day.

So for all your spot cooler needs remember to call an expert. Spot Cooling Systems has been in business since 1984 providing spot coolers for rent and purchase. Please call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 866-990-5700

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