Port-A-Cool 16 Inch 3 Speed Vertical Tank “How To” Video


Click on the link to view the how to video for the PAC163SVT Port-A-Cool unit.  Port-A-Cool-16-inch-vertical-tank

PAC163SVT Port-A-Cool

PAC163SVT Port-A-Cool


Port-A-Cool has many different evaporative coolers available.  Port-A-Cool units use water and 115 volt electricity. The PAC163SVT unit is one of the most popular Port-A-Cool units on the market.  The PAC163SVT Port-A-Cool unit delivers  2500 CFM on low speed, 3300 CFM on medium speed and 3900 CFM on high speed.  The PAC163SVT Port-A-Cool unit uses 5.1 Amps. The PAC163SVT has a 42 Gallon water capacity for maximum cooling between fill ups.  The PAC163SVT Port-A-Cool has a cooling capacity of 900 s.f.

The 16 inch three speed Vertical tank model from Port-A-Cool, LLC is  designed for spot cooling areas up to 900 square feet for around a dollar a day.

The Port-A-Cool PAC163SVT model has heavy duty, easy roll casters for intense spot cooling where you need it.  The unit lowers temperature 15 to 25 degrees F sing just tap water and 115v of electricity,  The one-piece, rotationally molded PAC163SVT Port-A-Cool housing is rust and leak proof, making it ideal for cooling extremely harsh environments to keeping the backyard cool for outdoor fun.

Click on the link to see how easy to use this unit is.  Port-A-Cool-16-inch-vertical-tank


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