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About Spot Cooling

Since 1984, Spot Cooling has provided portable air conditioners and spot coolers on demand throughout Texas, the United States and around the world. The units are used for hospitals, computer rooms and high rise buildings. But our customers think of new uses for the portable units every day. Let us know how you plan to use a portable air conditioner. Call Today 972-242-0007

We take pride in giving our customers personal attention and for providing turn-key solutions for your cooling needs. Contact Spot Cooling Systems, Inc. for the full range of Portable Air Conditioning and heating products. Our experts are at your service 24 hours a day.

Our Customers

Our valued customers include top Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies, schools, government, and military agencies. leading edge companies such as Cisco Systems, Texas Instruments, EMC, American Airlines, Alliance Capital, AT&T, Guardian Life and TXU have relied on our fast-acting service. We are constantly finding better ways to solve dilemmas, wherever heat affects assets or personnel. Underscoring flexibility and cost-effectiveness for twenty years, Spot Cooling’s customers find more and more uses for our spot coolers every day.

Our Commitment

Spot Cooling has been a pioneer in the perfection of portable air conditioners. As one of the early developers in portable air conditioner rental and sales, we recognized the need for improvement in the existing spot coolers on the market. To meet the need for high-quality American-made products showcasing the latest technology, Spot Cooling Systems created the highly versatile ExtraCooler line of spot coolers. We have earned a distinguished reputation for steadfast service and unmatched value.

ExtraCooler® Spot Coolers

Our ExtraCooler® spot coolers consist of portable, self-contained, supplemental air-conditioning units in an air cooled design. The ExtraCooler® truly answers industry’s skyrocketing need for supplementing existing cooling systems as well as for emergency back-up and after hours cooling. All new ExtraCoolers® come standard with 90 day parts and labor (1 yr. on compressor), available 3 yr. extended warranty.

Port-A-Cool Evaporative Coolers

Spot Cooling Systems, Inc. offers Port-A-Cool’s extensive line of evaporative cooling units that are designed for portable spot cooling and can reduce temperatures by 30 degrees F using tap water. Various models are available to suit any budget and accommodate 500-4,000 square feet. Spot Cooling Systems, Inc. also offers factory trained and authorized service and maintenance of Port-A-Cool units.

ZoneAire 3-in-One Portable Air Conditioiner

ZoneAire provides three distinct functions in one convenient unit: air conditioning, dehumidification and air circulation/fan. It’s ideal for garages, dorm rooms, workshops, home offices, attics and basements anywhere you need quick, convenient cooling and dehumidification. All models include a remote control.