AmeriCool Spot Coolers

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AmeriCool portable air conditioning equipment provides temporary, emergency, spot, and supplemental cooling anywhere you need it. AmeriCool’s quiet, efficient operation and 13,200 to 61,000 BTU/hr of portable, reliable cooling make it ideal in a multitude of commercial settings.  This includes everything from temporary cooling during office renovations to supplemental or emergency cooling in hospitals and labs. Offering air-cooled portable air conditioning equipment, AmeriCool from Spot Cooling Systems has the right size and type of unit for your specific commercial application.

Spot Cooler | Portable Air Conditioning Equipment

AmeriCool Portable Air Conditioner Equipment is an effective, smart solution to your temporary climate control needs. By ducting air to an unoccupied space, our complete line of units is capable of delivering cooling capacities that range from 13,200 to 61,000 BTU/HR. In addition, AmeriCool units only use an environmentally friendly refrigerant (R410A), feature a digital control panel, and are available with a number of field-installed accessories.

Find your favorite AmeriCool models by following the links below

WMC-2500  –  1 Ton Modular  (115/1/10.9)

WPC-3000  –   1 Ton Portable  (115/1/10.9)

WPC-4000  –  1.5 Ton Portable  (115/1/15.5)

WPH-4000  –  1.5 Ton Portable with Heat  (115/1/15.5)

WPW-4000  –  1.5 Ton Water Cooled  (115/1/15.5)

WPC-5000  –  2 Ton Portable  (208-230/1/15)

WPC-7000  –  2.5 Ton Portable  (208-230/1/20)

WPC-9000  –  3 Ton Portable  (208-230/1/20)

WPC-15000  –  5 Ton Portable  208-230/1/32

WPC-15003  –  5 Ton Portable  460/3/30

WPC-23000  –  7.5 Ton Portable 460/3/30