Get a Port A Cool and be ready for Summer!!

Summer is just around the corner here in Dallas.  It is only February and we are already having our first 80 degree day.  Port A Cool evaporative coolers are just the right portable cooling units that will help in many situations. Port A Cool units use the power of evaporation to cool.  Water is dripped over cooling pads and air is pulled thru to produce up to a 20 degree difference. Port A Cool units can cool large areas for about a dollar a day.

Port A Cool units are perfect for many situations.  Are you going to have a party? Think it may be too hot unless you stay in the pool all day? Is the warehouse too big to cool with air conditioning?  Do you need to work on your car but can’t tolerate the heat? Well you can purchase or rent a Port A Cool unit.  Port A Cool units are affordable and available for almost any situation.  Call the experts at Spot Cooling Systems, Inc at 866-990-5700 for help with the perfect Port A Cool unit that meets your needs.