Why Choose a Spot Cooling System?

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July 28, 2016
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August 24, 2016
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Why Choose a Spot Cooling System?

During your last outdoor gathering, did you wish you could bring the cool air from inside the house to the party? Some events like parties, weddings, sporting events and patio dinners would be even better with a spot cooling system. These portable cooling units, which can cool or mist the air, are also good for hospitals, businesses with onsite IT servers or humid buildings. Here are three benefits of these systems.


Portable units are less expensive to purchase and install than a full HVAC system. Most have a fairly long life cycle, so you can earn your investment back after you buy them.


There are quite a few benefits to the unit’s portability. You can move the cooling system from room to room as needed when the room temperature or equipment become too heated. These systems and easy to set up, and the fact that they are mobile means that they do not have to disrupt normal workflow. Some business owners enjoy the fact that they are not attached to the conventional HVAC system and they can transport the units with them if they change operations locations.

Easy Maintenance

It is not difficult to keep these systems working at top performance. They require some of the same maintenance routines that HVAC units need. You should change or wash the filters regularly to ensure proper cooling and good air flow. Also, flush the condensate tanks to make sure there are no blockages. It is important to remove any dust or debris that may collect on the outside of the unit, as well. Taking care of the unit ensures it will take care of you.

At Spot Cooling Systems Inc., we have provided spot coolers and portable air conditions to customers for more than 30 years. We have a long-time commitment to ensuring no gathering or business building stays challenged by uncomfortable heat. Call today so we can help you find the solution that is right for you.