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Portable Air Conditioning

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If you’re planning to have a party this summer, things are going to get heated up, there’s no question. Whether you’re the type to have a backyard BBQ, wine and tapas, or host a band in your garage or warehouse, you want to consider the heat.

After all, no one wants to socialize in a hot, stuffy, sweaty room. And they certainly won’t want to dance in there either. But there’s an easy solution that you might not have thought of. Portable AC rentals in Dallas from Spot Cooling Systems will help keep your party cool.
Texas is already one of the hottest places on Earth, we all deal with it every day. We are no strangers to the heat. But what happens when you pack a bunch of bodies into one room that’s been in the sun all day? Well, you know the answer, things heat up real fast.
So don’t sweat your party prep, we’ve got you covered.

Outdoor events

For outdoor events like a backyard bbq, cocktail party or garden party, we have solutions you might not have thought of. Just because you aren’t indoors doesn’t mean you can’t keep your party cool. Misters, fans, and other outdoor spot cooling systems are available to meet your needs. Call us and tell us what type of event you are planning and we’ll set you up with the coolest solution for your occasion.

Indoor gatherings

If you want to have people over for dinner, drinks or even just an evening of romance for you and a special someone but are concerned that your in home AC unit won’t cut it, we’ve got you covered. There are a number of different solutions available to cool down just the rooms that matter to you. That way your guests can enjoy themselves and will want to come back again the next time.

House parties and shows

If you’re into putting on more lively events where the people pack in from wall to wall, you are definitely going to need a portable AC rental in Dallas. The summer is hot enough as it is, but once you pack all your friends into your living room or garage, the desire for AC will quickly become a need.

Fortunately, we’ve got lots of options for you to choose from whether you just want to cool down your living room for a small gathering, or you’re planning on filling an entire warehouse with wild partiers. Don’t sweat it, we’ve got the coolest solutions in town at chillingly low prices.

So no matter the type of socializing you plan to do this summer, be sure that you keep it cool. Don’t sweat the details, you can leave them to us. Spot Cooling Systems has been doing this for a long time. When you need a portable AC rental in Dallas, TX, we’re who you want to call. Our phone number is 866-990-5700. We look forward to helping you throw the best party of the summer.

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