Daily Operational Costs

Calculating Port-A-Cool’s 8 Hour Operational Cost

When we say, “Port-A-Cool® units cool the temperature 20° or more all day long for only $1.00 or less per day (about 1/10th the cost of standard air-conditioning),” we really mean it! Based on a survey of 22 cities and towns across the United States and hundreds of our customers telling us the hours they most used their Port-A-Cool® unit(s), the average cost per day is only about $1.00 (based on an average 8-hour day)!

Here’s how to obtain the cost to run your Port-A-Cool® all day:

Instruction Example
Call your local power company and get the price of a kilowatt hour (or check your last electric company bill). Example: 0.15739=1 kW hour
Multiply by Port-A-Cool use at .76 kW/hr. 0.15739 X 0.76 = 0.1196
Multiply times 8 hour day (average use) 0.1196 X 8 hrs. = 0.9568
Call your local water company for water cost. Example: 2.57 = 1000 gallons
Cost of 100 gallons = 0.137 0.257 X 10% = 0.0257
At 5 gallons per hour, multiply for 8 hours. 0.0257 X 40% (40 gallons) = 0.0102
Total 0.9568 + 0.0102 = 0.967 or 97¢