Definition: Portable Air Conditioner
August 21, 2009
What features should I look for when selecting a spot cooler or portable air conditioner?
September 1, 2009
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Difference: Residential and Commercial Portable Air Conditioner

What is the difference between a residential and commercial portable air conditioner ?

Residential units are unsuitable and will not work for commercial buildings.  A residential portable air conditioner has plastic housing, small condensate tanks, or they evaporate the condensation on the unit’s hot coils, exhausting it into the warm air discharge duct.  A window to exhaust the warm air created by the air conditioner is required to create actual air conditioning because air conditioners create more hot air than they do cold air.  Because electrical amperage is limited in residences, the residential portable units are typically available in no more than 12,000 BTU’s (1 Ton of cooling capacity).  The commercial wheeled portable air conditioners will have larger condensate tanks than residential units, in addition the commercial units tend to have sturdier sheet metal cabinets or housings.