Spot Cooling For That Cool, Calm and Relaxed Atmosphere

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November 2, 2016
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November 22, 2016
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Spot Cooling For That Cool, Calm and Relaxed Atmosphere

Spot Cooling have been the superior service provider of choice in the San Antonio and Austin areas of Texas for many years. They are the go to contractor for all your cooling requirements. A reputation built on solid service and even sturdier workmanship is what definitely puts us above all others in the trade. Our customers deserve the best and that is what we will always provide. Anything less than perfection is not an option for our customers. They deserve only the finest, coolest air.

Why Choose Us

Spot Cooling are the service provider of choice for those who want to experience quality, clean, cool air, provided by a contractor that has your best interests at heart. Skill, technical abilities ,and a sound knowledge of everything that is air conditioning allows us to service our customers with confidence. We are proud of a service which is impeccable and of the way in which we can offer our customers what they really yearn for. Service and workmanship that are beyond perfection.

Our staff are carefully selected for their ability to service our customers in the way that we find fit. They must have the a sunny disposition and be prepared to go above and beyond to ensure our customers are treated in a way that they deserve, our customers are royalty in our eyes. Qualifications and experience are a necessity in our quest to provide the best cooling service in the trade.


Professionalism is something we strive to uphold on a daily basis and we won’t accept anything less than that when providing our customers with the service they require.

Summer is  a time when we can all enjoy warm, family moments enjoyed in the sun, on the beach or playing in the park, but when you want to go home to your, cool, comfortable environment, that is exactly what you should be able to do. A cooling system that is not working efficiently can lead to frayed nerves and rising tempers. Your once peaceful sanctuary becomes a potential war zone.

Spot cooling has the answers to your problems and the solution to diffuse any volatile situation. If for some reason an HVAC Contractor can’t make it to you immediately, Summer months are extremely busy, we do offer the service of emergency portable air conditioners in the San Antonio and Austin areas. The Texas heat can really be overpowering and waiting for a technician is sometimes not an option that you want to have to deal with.  Make use of our portable units to keep cool and calm while you wait for the experienced technician to make his call to your home.

Maintaining your cooling system regularly and cleaning the associated equipment is an important part of owning such a system. You have paid good money to install the unit and taking care of the equipment is simply looking after your own investment.

Call Spot Cooling today, a friendly and helpful consultant is waiting to service you.