Emergency Portable Air Conditioners

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November 22, 2016
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January 2, 2017
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Emergency Portable Air Conditioners

Spot Cooling have been the premium service provider in the Dallas and Houston area for all your cooling requirements and requests for many years.Our reputation has been a work in progress and we have worked tirelessly, and with great fervor to reach a level which we believe our customers warrant. Our customers have chosen us as their service provider and we reward them with continued development and improvement in our service, products, and quality of work.

Why Choose Us

Spot Cooling are the service providers who hold all the cards when dealing with cooling systems. We have the skills, sound technical knowledge, and abilities to provide service that reaches new heights.

Qualified, experienced, and polite staff will have you entrusting us with your cooling requirements in comfort and with the knowledge that the job will be done properly the first time. Our staff are carefully evaluated to find the best possible candidates to fill the position. Our staff are part of a team, a team that must provide what is required at all times and they must be willing to run that extra mile to keep a smile on the face of our customers.


We are the professionals when it comes to cooling systems and we have all the necessary knowledge and experience needed to provide you with the most invaluable advice and information to assist you in your decision making process. The last thing any of us wants to experience is a malfunctioning air conditioning system on a day that is recorded in history as one of the hottest to date. Home is where you are meant to be able to relax in comfort and enjoy the sanctuary that is the palace you have created for yourself and your family.

You cooling system is an investment, one that like any investment, has to be cared for and nurtured in order for it to keep on giving back to you.

Spot Cooling are specialists in providing repairs, maintenance, installations, and replacements and we are willing and able to work on any make and model that is brought to us. We are ultimately your connection to cool, enjoyable and comforting air on a steamy hot evening.

Cooling systems need regular maintenance as there are parts that will be subjected to the effects of wear and tear through regular use ,and failing to take care of these small issues regularly will inevitably lead to more costly and serious repair requirements. The air circulating through your cooling system contains dust particles, and these are the tiny little particles that can cause so much damage,this is why regular cleaning of units, and ducting must be carried out.

Should you have failed to maintain your cooling unit and associated equipment, you may find yourself in  hot water. You are however, in luck, Spot Cooling are the leading supplier of emergency portable air conditioners in Dallas and Houston. For those moments where the Texas sun gets the better of you and your technician has a booking schedule longer than your arm, help is at hand. Using a portable unit will keep you in comfort until a well trained, and friendly technician can reach you.

Call Spot Cooling today and experience spot on service at spot on prices.