The Port-A-Cool Islanderâ„¢ Port-A-Cool’s newest patio cooler.

This Month Port-A-Cool® is announcing the introduction of their best cooling product ever designed.

The Port-A-Cool Islanderâ„¢

Port A Cool

This portable evaporative cooler is unlike any other cooler, creating cascades of naturally cooled air right where you need it. Six sets of louvers direct the cool, centrifugally-generated air in a 360Ëš radius for optimal spot cooling. Perfect for outdoor dining areas and patios, The Port-A-CoolIslander features easy to operate digital controls making adjustments in busy dining areas a breeze.

Digital Control Panel

Six Sets of Louvers

Water Flow Adjustment

Spot Cooling Systems, Inc. has The Port-A-Cool Islanderâ„¢ in stock and ready to deliver or pick up. We also specialize in short term rentals of these great units. Call and reserve The Port-A-Cool Islanderâ„¢ now for that Memorial Day get together or other function for this summer. Make your function or party a total success with The Port-A-Cool Islanderâ„¢ cooling from above with cascades of naturally cooled air right where you need it.

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