Not A “Swamp Cooler”

Port-a-Cool is not a “swamp cooler”

Old chevrolet automobileA lot of folks have an initial tendency to relate Port-A-Cool® with the term, “swamp cooler”. In reality, the only thing that they have in common is that they are both evaporative type coolers, much the same as a 1949 model automobile and a new 2012 automobile, are both cars.

One uses a lot of gasoline and travels slow, the other can travel at high speeds of over 100 M.P.H. Which is more efficient today?50th anniversary corvette stingray concept car

The key to efficient evaporative cooling is using a specially designed, high efficiency, rigid cooling media contained in a properly-designed housing to ensure effective directing of the cold air over the water-saturated media at the proper air velocity. Port-A-Cool®, and ONLY Port-A-Cool®, has incorporated all of these features and MORE. The unique patented design of all Port-A-Cool® models, coupled with their patented high efficiency rigid cooling media, allows Port-A-Cool® units to cool effectively even in very high relative humidity conditions, conditions that no other portable cooling device, such as the old style “swamp cooler”, could possibly approach.

Swamp Cooler Port-a-Cool
A “swamp cooler” at best, cools the temperature, in a small 800 sq. ft. area, about 8 degrees. Port-A-Cool® units reduce the temperature within thousands of square feet by as much as 20° F. or more!
“Swamp coolers” waste water and usually have straw fibers woven through “chicken wire” in the back and sides of their rusty metal housings to disperse the water. Port-A-Cool® products have KÜÜL® cooling pads made of tough kraft paper, 6″ thick, with 55/20 degree fluted angles. This patented cooling media is coated with a resin treatment to allow the cooling pads to absorb an enormous amount of moisture. This resin treatment also makes the pads remain firm for years so that the proper amount of air flow is allowed to travel through the pads, which causes the air to become cold when it reaches the front of the unit. The only water being used is evaporated in order to cause the cooling process to take place.
“Swamp coolers” have a “squirrel cage” fan that not only is very noisy, but at best, only produces about 4200 CFM (cubic feet per minute air flow). Port-A-Cool® products produce up to 20,000 CFM, more than twice the amount of air thrust, to cool a much larger area more effectively.
“Swamp coolers” are clumsy and must be mounted on the roof, in a window or an opening in the wall. Port-A-Cool®, as its name implies, is portable and goes with you ANYWHERE. Even outdoors, the cooling is noticed for at least 50 ft. or more. Since all models are portable, they can be used to “spot cool” in areas where needed at any time.

When you consider the efficiency of a single PORT-A-COOL® unit, as compared to how many “swamp coolers” it would take to match one Port-A-Cool® unit, it even costs less to purchase Port-A-Cool® cooling products! And, the daily cost to operate a Port-A-Cool® is only about a dollar a day (based on a national average of water and electricity cost).

[pullquote_right]Mark West, owner of Stan West C.N.C. Company said, “Last summer we survived the heat in our C.N.C. machine shop by using three (3) 4200 CFM coolers. This summer we are going to be cool, as each one of our Port-A-Cool units puts out more cool air than all three of the other styles (swamp coolers) combined. They are also easily moved when needed. Thanks for solving our cooling problems with your quality product.“[/pullquote_right]

Try this experiment: Take a “swamp cooler”, any “swamp cooler” to a Dallas Cowboy or San Diego Charger football game and try to replace one of their Port-A-Cool® units on the sidelines with your ‘”swamp cooler”. Note: Port-A-Cool® is not responsible for your personal injuries after you replace their Port-A-Cool® unit with a “swamp cooler”, however, it is one way to learn the difference. It is recommended that you just call your Port-A-Cool® dealer for a personal demo to judge for yourself. There is a difference, and it even costs less!

Not only is Port-A-Cool® NOT just another “swamp cooler”, but the patented design of Port-A-Cool® cooling products cannot be compared to any other evaporative cooling device on the market, anywhere.