Portable Air Conditioner Rentals in Dallas

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Portable Air Conditioner Rentals in Dallas

Your portable air conditioner rentals in Dallas are available at a moment’s notice. For industrial and server room air conditioning, our ExtraCooler® portable air conditioner rental is an extremely efficient way to solve even the most difficult cooling needs.

Good business means a good contingency plan. Our project managers can visit your site before an emergency occurs to work out a portable cooling plan for you.

We’ll determine all of the mission critical areas of your building that are essential for getting a fast response when a loss of cooling emergency arises. Planning ahead for portable air conditioner rentals has proven to be a life saver to many of our clients in the Dallas Area.

No contingency plan? No problem. Contact us for a portable air conditioner rental from Spot Cooling Systems to get your contingency plan in place. – we understand what it takes to restore full air conditioning in any situation. Click here to request a free no obligation contingency plan.

With your rental air conditioner, we will need to know:

Size of room to be cooled – Length x Width x Height
Voltage Available – 115, 208/230 or 460
Type of ceiling – drop down plenum (we will need a place to exhaust heat)
Where can we drain condensate? Will we need tanks or a pump?
What kind of equipment is in the room, such as server racks, telephone switching equipment, power supply backups, any types of heat generating equipment and people

In many cases, a portable air conditioner rental is your best solution. Unmatched reliability and immediate service response is the promise we give with our ExtraCooler® rental air conditioner service.

View our product line – ExtraCooler® portable air conditioner.

Spot Cooler Accessories: Popular options – pump kits, duct kits, air ducts, ready for immediate shipment.