[one_half] O ur immediate rental service area is the Dallas / Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin, but we can ship portable AC rental units anywhere within the continental US, so call us for a quote.

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We will ask you some basic questions,
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  • Size of space to be cooled?
  • Size of A/C system that failed?
  • Determine BTU required for emergency cooling
  • Available power? (115, 208/1, 208/3, 460/3)
  • How much space is available for units? Will units be inside or outside?
  • How will supply air be distributed? Free Blowing or Ducted?
  • Where will condenser air be discharged?
  • How will the condensate be removed? Tanks or pumped?
  • When are units needed?
  • How long are units needed?
  • Precise delivery address.

Spot Cooling Delivers:

When you contact us to rent, lease or purchase portable air conditioner units, one of our Spot Cooling Systems specialists will promptly and expertly evaluate your request. If you need a custom size spot cooler not shown on our site, please contact us and we will manufacture one made to your specifications. Contact Spot Cooling Systems, Inc. to learn how our versatile range of spot coolers will fit any situation. We are at your service 24 hours a day and our AC professionals are ready to respond to your cooling needs.

To meet industry’s relentless need for continuous cool air, we developed and expanded our portable cooling systems that can handle any size cooling crisis, even in times of natural disaster.

Call us 24/7 and let us know about your emergency or planned cooling situation. We are here to help in a time of crisis so take a moment to gather your thoughts and be prepared to tell us some basic information so we can get your business  critical cooling system in-route immediately.

[/one_half] [one_half_last] Air Cooled Models

Model BTU/hr Power Supply
1 Ton 11,900 115/1/15
1.5 Ton 17,300 115/1/15
2.5 Ton 28,300 208-230/1/20
3.5 Ton 41.000 208-230/1/30
6.5 Ton 76,500 208-230/1/60
6.5 Ton 77,500 460/3/20
ZoneAire 11,600 115/1/

Evaporative Cooled Models

Model Speed Power Supply CFM
16″ Vertical Tank 3 115/1/5.1 2500/3300/3900
36″ Three Speed 3 115/1/11.2 4800/6600/9600
JetStream 2400 Variable 115/1/9.2 up to 7500

My room is this size (FT2), how many BTU’s do I need to cool it effectively?

100-150 5000
150-250 6000
250-300 7000
300-350 8000
350-400 9000
400-450 10000
450-550 12000
550-700 15000
700-1000 18000
1000-1200 21000
1200-1400 23000
1400-1600 25000
1600-1900 28000
1900-2700 36000

This guide is based on normal room insulation, average number of sun-exposed windows and two-person occupancy.