Air Cooled Portable Air Conditioners

The Model SCT14B Extracooler Spot Cooler Portable Air Conditioner | Air Cooled Portable Air Conditioners - Spot CoolingAir Cooled Portable Air Conditioners

D esigned for portability and convenience, EXTRACOOLER portable air conditioners set up in minutes and roll easily from the shop floor to indoor offices areas. The EXTRACOOLER air cooled portable air conditioners line consists of seven models, offering from 14,000-120,000 BTU/hr.

  • Cools Quietly. EXTRACOOLER cools quietly at office-acceptable sound levels without significantly addition to background noise. Ideal for supplemental of temporary cooling in offices, meeting areas, or classrooms, Featuring backward-inclined plenum evaporator and condenser fans, EXTRACOOLER operates at the lowest decibel level for portable air conditioners.
  • Cools Effectively. EXTRACOOLER delivers a full performance at a wide range of temperatures and altitudes with a thermostatic-expansion valve – not found in ordinary units. This valve automatically adjusts to the environment, allowing the units to operate under more extreme temperatures.
  • Cools Efficiently. Just plug in EXTRACOOLER and cool – no special electrical requirements are needed. Most EXTRACOOLER models are single phase (460V 3 Phase option on the SCT83AB4). EXTRACOOLER Air Cooled Portable Air Conditioners cost less to operate because they draw the least amount of amperage on a per-ton basis when compared to ordinary industrial air conditioners.

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