Spot Cooling Systems posts best February EVER !!!!!!

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February 20, 2013
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March 20, 2013
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Spot Cooling Systems posts best February EVER !!!!!!

February of 2013 will go down in the books as the best February of all time for Spot Cooling Systems, Inc. We rent and sell portable air conditioners so as you can imagine February is usually very lean. In normal times February is the time we are planning and plotting how to cool the world when it gets hot starting about April. But if we are lucky the gods will warm us up here in Texas starting sometime in March.

This February of 2013 had nothing to do with “Luck” or “the gods” or anything mystical. Even with the economy still trying to kick start, Spot Cooling Systems, Inc., is started and moving fast. The reason we have had a great start and we believe will continue through out 2013 is the partnership we have had with Jennifer Bagley. She of course is the driving force behind CI Web Group, DNET TV, and Mothernode CRM, just to mention a few. Spot Cooling Systems has been with Jennifer and her gigantic wave of super influence since 2009.

As a result of our partnership with Jennifer and CI Web Group, DNET TV and Mothernode CRM, we have been on the path to super results. Just this month with leads developed from our website (CI WebGroup) we are sending four Air Chillers to North Africa. Yes, our small portable air conditioning company based in Dallas is sending misters (Air Chillers) to oil rigs working off the coast of North Africa. Other leads have brought us a huge contract with a military supplier that is helping with the effort in Afghanistan. We are in the process of sending 14 Portable air conditioners to Afghanistan. This has been one of our biggest orders in our history, since 1984. All due to our web presence and the partnership with CI WebGroup.

As I am writing this blog post for DNET TV, a lead just showed up from Mothernode CRM. We just jumped on board with Mothernode this year. The benefits are starting to show as I can now track exactly where my leads have come from in my electronic world. I can say for certain that I had more than enough revenue to cover the cost of my investment in my electronic footprint. Mothernode provides the exact figures for proof that we (Spot Cooling Systems, Inc., CI Web Group) are doing it right and are producing the results. Super Results for February and beyond.

Spot Cooling Systems, Inc. wants to give a big thanks to all who had a hand in our success at CI Web Group. We are well on our way to our best year ever and Jennifer and her team deserve way more thanks than we can convey with this small blog post.

There are a few individuals that need to be singled out for their great assistance to me (Scott Burnside) and Spot Cooling Systems, Inc.

First I want to personally thank Kathy Marshall. With her positive attitude and attention to my needs she is a great asset to Jennifer. Thanks Kathy.

Next I want to thank Aaron Gehring. Aaron is always available to take care of my technical needs and worries. Thanks Aaron.

And of course, I want to thank Jennifer. You are the best!!! Spot Cooling Systems, Inc. has started this year of with fantastic results, thanks in great part to you and your team.

Here’s to the best year yet.

Scott Burnside
Spot Cooling Systems, Inc.