Summer is approaching. Is your Port A Cool unit ready to go???

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February 15, 2012
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February 29, 2012
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Summer is approaching. Is your Port A Cool unit ready to go???

Dallas had its first 80 degree day in February this year so are you ready for the heat? Do you already own a Port a Cool unit? If you do you want to make sure that your unit is in good working condition before the heat arrives for the summer.  Port a Cool units are fairly simple to use and maintain, but you must maintain them for maximum cooling. Port a Cool recommends the following steps prior to a summer of worry-free cooling from your Port A Cool unit.

Follow these few simple steps and be ready when the heat is on.

  1. Inspect cooling media for break sown, such as sagging or gapping.  Clean if dirty. Replace if needed.
  2. Check the fan blade to make sure it rotates freely.
  3. Make sure the fan belt is tight and in good condition.
  4. Oil the motor if necessary
  5. Check and clean inline strainer
  6. Clean sump tank and spray bar
  7. Pump should be clear of any obstructions
  8. Make sure drain valve is closed and spray bar adjustment valve is open (approximately 3 turns).
  9. Determine if water and power source are adequate.
  10. Fill reservoir before turning pump on.
  11. Make sure float valve operates properly.

Of course, if you do not want to get your hands dirty or just want an expert to come and check out your Port A Cool unit then call Spot Cooling Systems, Inc.  866-990-5700  We also rent and sell Port A Cool units.  So call anytime for more information.