Ways to Cool Down Outside

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September 9, 2015
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March 11, 2016
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Ways to Cool Down Outside

It is tough to think about outdoor cooling without remembering that it is almost impossible to cool all of outdoors. Most homeowners are squarely focused on the temperature inside their homes, since the outside is beyond their control. However, there are some situations that require some form of cooling outside of the house. The most common are the family cookout or quality time on the patio. Here are some ways that cooling systems can be used outside to make extreme temperatures a little more bearable.

The outdoor fan does not always need to be the conventional oversized blower that tends to re-circulate hot air. Although this may give temporary bursts of relief, some people sweat just as much with the big fan as a solution. Attaching the fan to the porch ceiling or using a well-placed ceiling fan has worked wonders to keep an outdoor area cool. It is key to make sure the air the fan is pulling should not be hotter than the temperature outside.

Water Solutions
Every family member will not look favorably on being sprayed with the water hose, but they do enjoy the mist from other water solutions for cooling. A fountain or outdoor waterfall is a sound solution for both cooling the air and giving the mind the impression of cooler air. Fans that intermittently spray mist are also a good option. Be sure to warn guests who are not aware of the misting system. Some people prefer not to be wetter than their own sweat.

No matter what method of outdoor cooling you choose, it is possible to find a solution that works for everyone in the family. Those who prefer not to get wet from misting systems may choose to stay on the dry side of the patio. Your solution can stay efficient because you are not cooling down the entire yard or neighborhood. Just the area where you will be relaxing.