Which Portable AC Is Best For My Home Office?

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February 21, 2017
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April 27, 2017
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Which Portable AC Is Best For My Home Office?

extra cooler portable air in Dallas

When you know things are getting too hot in your home office and something must be done, it’s time to start thinking about the advantages of extra cooler portable air in Dallas.

Whether your home already has central air or not, a spot cooler can help solve many common problems. If your home AC doesn’t cool a particular room as well as the rest of the house, the spot cooler can help. When you only work in one room of the home during the day, and don’t want to waste energy cooling the rest of the house, a portable cooler makes sense. Or, if you want the customization of being able to set the temperature exactly to your personal needs, a spot cooler is a great solution. Perhaps you just want to have a backup around for emergencies, again a spot cooler will deliver a solution.

More solid, efficient, and powerful than a cheap window air conditioner, a portable spot cooler can get a room colder quickly and maintain it. When you’re considering adding a spot cooler to your home office, this quick guide from Spot Cooling Inc. Will help you gather information on the spot coolers we offer. With extensive experience helping Dallas homeowners and businesses pick the best spot cooling option since 1984, we are ready to help you make the final call.

ExtraCooler® Spot Coolers

These portable, supplemental AC units are a good addition to an existing AC or emergency plan.

Who it’s best for: Homeowners with an existing air conditioning system who want to add more cool air to the home office or want to have a backup because their home AC system is unreliable. This option is better if you plan to only use your home office occasionally or just need a little more cooling effect added to your existing AC.

Spot Cooling Inc.

Port-A-Cool Evaporative Coolers

The Port-A-Cool line is impressive. Choose from several options of evaporative cooling units with major power capability. These systems are both portable and efficient. Cooling temperatures by 30 degrees, this is a preferred option to the ExtraCooler® Spot Cooler because of its strength and versatile options. Find an option that suits your room size and budget, these models can accommodate 500-4,000 square feet.

Who it’s best for: Someone who uses their home office frequently. This is the model when you’re looking for a powerful AC that will cool the whole room entirely and want to have options about how much you will spend. Home office users who want the option to turn off or reduce usage of a central air conditioner will love this option. With a large selection of models to suit your needs, this is a great choice for most home offices.

ZoneAire 3-in-One Portable Air Conditioners

If you’re looking for an all-in-one with fast effectiveness, consider the top-of-the-line ZoneAire. This model offers air conditioning, dehumidification and air circulation/fan all in one compact model. With a remote control with every model, it’s a slam dunk in the convenience factor.

Who it’s best for: If you plan to turn on your home office AC and want a quickly cooled start to the day, the ZoneAire is the best option. It beats out the Port-A-Cool in speed at cooling and in its extra capabilities. Similar to the Port-A-Cool, this option is best for frequent home office use.

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